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Blackstone Mission Hills Haikou

The crown jewel is the Blackstone Course, a spectacular 350 acre core golf course that weaves through a striking landscape of mature trees, thick jungle vegetation, and expansive lakes and wetlands. The dominating site characteristic is the bed of lava rock which was capped with material located 25 miles away. The naturally rolling terrain sees dramatic elevation change and great care was taken to find as many natural holes as possible to avoid cutting the rock and to preserve the magnificent Lychee trees. The lava rock base has been incorporated as an integral element of the design by weaving irregular lines of turf and rock, eliminating the typical hard line edge of most courses.
Adding to the look are wild, irregular bunker edges and transitional sand edges that effortlessly work into native lava rock. Fairways sweep across the landscape conforming to the natural terrain with an emphasis on surface drainage rather then contained low drain inlets. The result is a magical blanket of turf with soft irregular edges and a lack of hard lines as there is only fairway cut (no rough, even at bunker faces). The lava bed is incorporated into forced carries creating dramatic contrast and the lava rock walls and village ruins created years ago remain as a testament to the site’s past.

The course begins in the more heavily wooded portion of the property with a wide variety of hole lengths and natural amphitheater green settings. The final holes play in and out of a hub of raised terrain that allows spectacular views of the closing holes with little need to move. Easy green to tee relationships and easy terrain render the course very walkable. Difficult, long (at over 7,800 yards) and with risk/reward opportunity at the final holes, this course should prove to be one of the premier tournament courses in the world today. Great effort was made to provide not only a great tournament golf course but extensive planning and construction has created support facilities capable of hosting big events with the greatest of ease.

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My First Impression Of Blackstone Mission Hills

Stay at mission hills resort is very impressive, here is the place call “ golf manufacture “ whatever is the hotel or golf course even restaurant, big is always better at Mission Hills haikou, not mentioned about the massive number of staff to service us. I am stay at 11 th floor and from my balcony I can see very clearly about whole mission hills especially Blackstone. People like myself who like the celebrity product is very wroth to take a airplane taxi and coming for big name as well as famous for world ‘s biggest golf resort. However, I found that it also like other prestigious golf course you have to book early and pay premium. So , I enjoy the exclusivity compared to other 8 mission hills course .

Who Designed Blackstone Mission Hills Haikou

Schmidt-Curley designed the 10 courses at Mission Hills Haikou, “World’s Largest Golf Club”, which opened in 2010 and is located one our north of Hong Kong. The resort’s Lava Fields Course was named the “Best New Course” in the International category by GOLF Magazine in 2011. The Blackstone Course was voted the “No. 1 Course in China” and “Best Championship Course – Asia-Pacific” in 2012 by Asian Golf Monthly. Titles that I am sure Schmidt-Curley would be proud.

History of Blackstone Mission Hills Haikou

Mission Hills is the Hawaii of Golf. It has raised the bar and set a new standard for luxury Golf Resorts in China and the World. Blackstone is the signature Golf Course of Mission Hills and was the first to be constructed.. It has been acknowledged as being the Number 1 Golf Course in China and is an exclusive experience that we would recommend for any coming to Mission Hills that appreciate the premium experience.

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