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About The Nine Dragon Admirals Golf Club Shang Hai

The Nine Dragon Admirals Golf Club Shang Hai makes use of the beautiful scenery by integrating the club with the surrounding mountains, sea and islands. The Golf Club works together with the Westin Hotel, the Yacht Club and the Polo Club to create a community for sports, vacations and business functions.
It is situated on the northern shores of Hangzhou Bay. Located 90 kilometres from Shanghai and Hangzhou the club is quite accessible from all areas on the east coast. Set in scenic mountains along the ocean with surrounding islands, Nine Dragons has become part of the provincial tourism resorts. The surrounding Mount Waipo provides the National Forest Park district, the Bathing Place, and a Beach Resort. The most interesting area is the Nine Dragons Forest Park, which has quickly become one of China’s National Forest Parks. The Nine Dragons National Park is known for its thick mountainous landscape with beautiful sunsets. Within the park are many freshwater lakes which contain many species of fish. These large lakes surround the park and the neighbouring golf course.


Swing from top of Mountain

As a member of The Nine Dragon Admirals Golf Club Shang Hai, I feel very privileged to play this 27 holes championship resort Golf course. Whether you are passionate about the polo club, yacht club or world-class hotel facility, the place is big enough for you to plan your holiday after crazy shopping in downtown Shanghai. Just relax and enjoy the birds singing, golfing, boating, and horse racing for the rest of your holiday time. If you’re like myself and always like to reward yourself, there are other activities available at the resort, such as the spa and mountain hiking.


Who Designed The Nine Dragon Admirals Golf Club Shang Hai?

The Renaissance Man of Golf Architecture, Ron Gar, designed the Nine Dragon Admirals Golf Club. Gar’s Course Design career has been acknowledged by numerous design awards including Golf Designer of the Year Award by International Network of Golf.


History of The Nine Dragon Admirals Golf Club Shang Hai

In 1998, it was approved as a provincial level holiday resort by the provincial government. With its favourable natural resources and drawing the concepts and techniques from an international design mastere, this area has developed into a magnificent holiday resort that delivers both European and Asian flavour as it combines European culture elements with the unique mountainous and sea sceneries.