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Our luxury standard is not identified by us, it is identified by you as the client. We offer a personal tailor-made itinerary for your particular number of people, type of guest and reason for your stay. Your transportation, golf course venue and hotel will always be prestigious. We also have access to key private golf courses by request. Our competitive advantage ensures your tour will be exclusively yours. More importantly, our friendly staff can speak English and Chinese, they will be your best company during your stay. We offer luxury golf vacations and holidays for Chinese golfers to Australia and Australian golfers to China.



Mission Hills Haikou

  • – 5 Nights 5 Star
  • – 5 Rounds of Golf
  • – Daily Gourmet Breakfast


Mission Hills Haikou

  • – 5 Nights 5 Star
  • – 5 Rounds of Golf
  • – Airfare and Transfers


Hainan Island & Beijing

  • – Business Class Airfare
  • – Private Golf Courses
  • – Golf Cart and personal caddies


China Golf Culture Tours To Beijing – Beijing is the capital city of China. It is a political and economic centre as well as a world-class golfing destination. There are over 100 golf courses in Beijing with more than 20 of them private. The best golfing season in Beijing is from April until September, which is Spring through Autumn. Beijing is inland and surrounded by mountains including XiangShan Park (Fragrant Hills Park). Many of the golf courses in Beijing are surrounding by lakes and rivers. Some of the most famous names in Golf have made their masterpieces here including Jack Nickolas, Greg Norman, Peter Thomason and Arnold Palmer. Once you have experienced what each course has to offer you will retire at the private members’ clubhouse, some resemble traditional imperial palaces.


China Golf Classic Tour Hainan is located in the South China Sea and is a similar size to Hong Kong. With 365 days of playable golfing climate and 50 golf courses, the world has given Hainan the name “The Hawaii of Golf”. The most famous “Tournament Course” is Mission Hills Haikou, this premium golf resort incorporates 10 golf courses, which offers the best golfing experience for all the international golfers. The course is only 15 minutes driving distance from Haikou International Airport to Mission Hills and 90 minutes driving to Sanya. This is China’s Number One golfing destination also known as the “Golf Macau” which means all the Chinese domestic golfers choose to have their golfing holiday in Hainan through the four seasons. If you can picture yourself playing into a waterfall and through a cave.


China Golf & Shopping Tours – Having long attracted people’s admiration, the splendid city of Hangzhou is praised by Marco Polo as “the most noble city and the best that is in the world”. Hangzhou is an intriguing city famous for the beautiful gardens and scenery. When you take a tour in Hangzhou, the great site is the West Lake. But, if you can imagine playing golf beside the appealing West Lake, it will be a fabulous life experience. Now, all golf lovers can play golf in the West Lake area; enjoy the quiet environment and beautiful scenery, which attracts more and more golfers to come and enjoy playing at the course. Besides that, Hangzhou is a shopping paradise for silk and tea, whether you are from overseas or interstate China.


Only 45 minutes by bullet train from Hangzhou or 3 hours drive by car, Shanghai is the neighbourhood city of Hangzhou. Shanghai bristles with buildings, but the city doesn’t boast must-see sights like New York or Rome. The joys of Shanghai, instead, are on the street level, where everyday life unfolds with bewildering variety. An elderly woman in pyjamas will be chopping vegetables on the stoop of her lane house, while a Prada-clad beauty will sashay past on her way to a nearby art gallery. So sharpen your elbows, pick up a pair of chopsticks and dig in.